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Go see The Great Wall

There’s a nice weekend coming up in the states. Go see “The Great Wall” at your local multiplex. It isn’t doing that well in the USA and might not be there for long. Apparently it is doing well in China. Netflix just won’t cut it, as the movie must be seen on a big screen to be appreciated.

It is simply a visual feast. It is beautifully shot and many of the scenes could be paintings. The choreography of the action is excellent. It is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. It is an action picture however, and somewhat brutal and gory.

I find it remarkable that it has been criticized by both left and right. Some call it jingoistic propaganda for China, other saying that it is basically anti-immigrant. They should all calm down and just go and see a great flick.

Although I know more about Chinese culture than most Americans (with a Chinese daughter in law and two grandchildren over there), I’m sure there are tons of cultural references that I’ve missed. The monsters being fought look like much of the statuary in the forbidden city. I remember watching a Chinese movie back in grad school in the 60’s with two Chinese guys, when one of them said — they’re playing the War Song of China (something I couldn’t find on Google).