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When to get your booster — a possibly useful post

I thought everyone knew that vaccines and boosters against the pandemic flu reach maximum protection against infection in a week or two, and then start declining.  Each of the zillions of papers on the subject say exactly this.

So if you’ve been isolating yourselves, as my wife and I have because of our age, the time to get that booster is a week or so before a time of likely exposure — in our case a visiting grandchild.

I thought everyone knew this, but maybe not.  My wife got an eMail today from her  85 year old cello teacher.   She summers on an island off the Maine coast near Mt. Desert Island (the home of Acadia National Park)


“We’re so far well, thanks to xxxx, I took his advice and got 2nd booster just before leaving middle of June. The whole island was shut down, the  only grocery store had signs SHUT TODAY, NO STAFF, went to Kneisel Hall in Blue Hill, people had not been able to rehearse together because they were actively sick, and so on. He and news are proving to be a blessing!

For this, we all thank you.”