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The Public Service of President Trump

The number of new cases of COVID-19 is likely to significantly drop in the the coming months and we have President Trump to thank for that

Why? Because people don’t respond to abstract facts and exhortations given by people they don’t know. They do respond to particular examples.

The fact that Trump and Co. disparaged masks, and then came down with the virus will be far more convincing, than any pronouncements from Dr. Fauci or various mayors, governors, congressmen or senators.

I saw this many times in practice.

An example.

Neurologists treat migraine headaches. It is well known that migraines are triggered by stress. When someone was having a bout of several migraines under the stress of divorce, illness, finances you name it, I’d tell them this, but I could see they didn’t believe me.

So I’d say let me tell you about my wife’s migraines. She’s had them even before I met her when she was 19. And as is typical of migraine, they became less frequent and less severe as she got older.

So she had gone 18 months without one, until the afternoon that she found out that our 12 year old son, had a bone tumor in his ankle which would need surgery. Immediately, I could see the patient had bought in the particular what I’d just told them in the abstract.

I think the populace is presently saying to themselves. Maybe we ought to wear masks and only be around people wearing them. Look what happened to Trump and the Senators.

Addendum 5 October:

A sardonic friend (and retired ambassador) responded as follows

“Thanks for helping me appreciate President Trump’s public service.

The potential benefits of this style of leadership seem almost without limit.

Think, for example, of how the President could affect automotive safety if he were to demonstrate the perils of driving a car over a cliff.