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How to get vaccinated early

Here is a completely ethical way to jump to the head of the line and get vaccinated before you should have been. I did it quite unconsciously, taking my wife in for her scheduled vaccination 1 February in the midst of a blizzard whose intensity was impressive even by Montana standards. It was toward the end of the day and the place was pretty empty. I had an appointment for the 9th and my wife asked if I could get in if there had been cancellations (which there seemed to be). So they took me.

This turned out to be ethical because they were administering the Pfizer vaccine, which has to be used after being thawed out or thrown away (it can’t be refrozen). It really is a situation of use it or lose it.

So that’s what you do — go to a place administering the Pfizer vaccine (this won’t work if they’re giving the Moderna vaccine which can be refrozen) and ask there have been any cancellations.  Do this late in the day.

At last something useful from this blog.