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History repeats itself

The stories of young and not so young Russians running for the exits to escape the Tsar’s (Putin’s) army, resonates with me as both my grandfathers did exactly that in the 1880’s – 1890’s.  What really brought it home was the fact we just found out this year that my mother’s father’s last name was not what we’ve thought it was. He was adopted by another family with many children and given their name to avoid conscription.  My father’s father got out because he was the first born son, and in line for a lifetime in the Tsar’s army.

Ah Russia !  The gift that keeps on giving.

Here’s another example which is part of an old post

Hitler’s gifts (and Russia’s gift)

In the summer of 1984 Barack Obama was at Harvard Law, his future wife was a Princeton undergraduate, and Edward Frenkel, a 16 year old mathematical prodigy, was being examined for admission to Moscow State University. He didn’t get in because he was Jewish. His blow by blow description of the 5 hour oral exam designed to exclude him on pp. 28 – 38 of his book “Love & Math” is as painful to read as it must have been for him to write.

Harvard recognized his talent, and made him a visiting professor at age 21, later enrolling him in grad school so he could get a PhD. He’s now a Stanford prof.

Here’s a link to the full post  –https://luysii.wordpress.com/2013/10/27/hitlers-gifts-and-russias-gift/