Blogging to restart in earnest next week

Sorry for so few posts.  We’re off to my wife’s 60th HS reunion (delayed a year because of COVID).  One of her classmates was Jim Morrison of the Doors, described as brilliant even back then but not very nice.  Another person she knew at the high school was Ellen Cohen, later Mamma Cass of the Mommas and the Poppas.  She, on the other hand,  was  quite nice with a voice which could effortlessly fill an auditorium.

For the teachers among you: My wife’s classmates are writing in about what they’ve done since graduation, and the influence of one brilliant teacher (Mr. Lindsay) is mentioned again and again, even though it has been 61 years.

One story:

4 years ago we spent two weeks in Venice.  Tiring of great pasta and seafood and hungering for meat, we stopped in a Hard Rock Cafe less than 500 feet from St. Mark’s Square and the Basilica.  There was Jim on one of the screens.  I mentioned to the waitress that my wife had gone to high school with him.  A bit later a complimentary drink arrived at our table, courtesy of the waitress.  She brought her friend over, and pictures were taken of the three of them.

Forthcoming posts — BWAS, jumping immunoglobulin genes, microExons, FABK, oligoclonal bands and much more.


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