The pandemic of the ‘fully vaccinated’

At the end of 12 January ’22 the state of Massachusetts had 3,180 COVID19 patients in hospital.  484 were in the ICU and 278 were on respirators.  Of those 3,180, some 1,005 were ‘fully vaccinated’.  —

Addendum 15 Jan: Thanks to MStriker for picking up the error.  1,005 above should be 1505, giving 49%.

That’s nearly 50% of the hospitalized.  This,  in Massachusetts where we believe in Science.  We’re not talking about the toothless peasantry of West Virginia.  The fully vaccinated are serious and important people; news anchors, members of congress, white house staff, not the unvaccinated riffraff we’ve heard about.  What are the faithful believers in Science of Massachusetts to do? ,

If this sounds like Schadenfreude it is.  I’ve listened and read plenty of it in the press in the past two years, with much gloating over the deaths of the unvaccinated.   .  These people died and snarkery (such as the above) is inappropriate and cruel. So let those who formerly thought they were safe worry a little (including me) and realize that science is never settled.

What can be done to restore the faith?  It would certainly be of interest to know the percentage of the fully vaccinated in the ICU or on respirators.  This might actually be evidence of some protective effect of the vaccines.

This data is certainly known to the department of health.

Also, the definition of fully vaccinated can be found (with some difficulty) on their website.  It is clearly outdated e.g. two shorts of Pfizer or the other vaccine longer than 14 days ago.  There is nothing in the definition about boosters.  The definition goes back to September 2021.

I’m sure that in the charts of all 3,180 hospitalized COVID19 patients, the presence and time of  booster administration is noted.  So the State Department has in hand evidence for the efficacy/nonefficacy of boosters, to prevent hospitalization, and when in hospital to prevent serious complications of COVID19.  This should be released immediately.

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  • MStriker  On January 15, 2022 at 12:20 am

    33% not 50%. No other comment.

    • luysii  On January 15, 2022 at 7:52 am

      MStriker: I don’t have the exact numbers for 12 January, the day the post was written, any more, but at the end of the 13th of January there were 3,223 patients in Massachusetts hospitals and 1,547 were said to be fully vaccinated giving a percentage of 48%, the percentage for the previous day 12 January was slightly higher at 49%. This is from the link in the post

      • luysii  On January 15, 2022 at 8:14 am

        Corrected thanks

  • superkuh  On January 15, 2022 at 3:34 pm

    It’s a damn shame the igG levels drop off so fast after only ~5 months.

    Maybe we should actually do things that stop the spread of the virus like having governments give out free fit-able N95/ffp2 masks and aggressively funding intranasal sars-cov-2 vaccines to complement the intramuscular ones.

    Giving sars-cov-2 free reign in the igG-free upper respiratory mucosal tissues to get a foothold and spread is just stupid. First humoral (intramuscular) vaccines, then mucosal (intranasal). That will lead to both igG antibodies in the body serum (and so seeping into the lower lungs) and tissue resident T and B cells in the upper respiratory where they are needed. Humoral alone doesn’t give you that. Sure the igA antibodies in the upper respiratory mucosa won’t stay around long, but it’s the B and T cell tissue residency that matters.

    Stopping the spread would help a lot.

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