Chamber music at last !

Last night I played chamber music with two friends for the first time in over a year. It was glorious. The string players wanted the Dvorak Dumky trio. It is a very deep, beautiful and rather dark work. I wanted something joyous, and convinced them to play Beethoven Op. 1 #2, which is one of the happiest pieces he ever wrote.  It’s great fun, particularly the last movement.  

If you’re a string player, imagine being unable to tune your instrument for a year, while you played it daily.  Such was my lot, until my piano tuner got vaccinated last month.  

So, if you’re able, get out there and play some music with friends.

The solo piano literature is enormous yet, given a choice I’d rather play chamber music.   The interaction with another musical mind, particularly in the hands of a great composer, just has to be experienced.   Leonard Bernstein said something to the effect that if you could capture music in words, you’d never need to listen to it. 

God only knows how many professional musicians were lost or gave up in the past year.  Even so, I’m not ready to go to concerts.

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