New Delhi has 4.4 million COVID19 cases — Run !!

New Delhi has 4.4 million COVID19 cases ! ! !  Well that’s how the US press would have handled it, generating all sorts of clicks on their websites.  Fortunately the Indians are far more intelligent, noting that they have had a total 123,747 cases of clinical illness due to the pandemic virus, using the term COVID19 case as the term was originally defined — someone clinically ill with the virus.  That’s how the term was initially used in the USA, until they began calling a positive antibody test or finding the viral genome, COVID19.

How did they get the 4.4 million figure?  Well it’s based on tests for antibodies to the virus conducted from 27 June to 10 July, with a total of 21,387 samples from 11 districts of New Delhi by the National Center for Disease Control in collaboration with the Delhi government.  Here’s a link to a very circumspect article about the study —

I’m hardly a regular reader of the Indian press, so I have no idea of the site’s reputation or orientation.  However they do quote National Centre for Disease Control Director Dr Sujeet Kumar Singh at some length.

At any rate the 4.4 million figure comes from multiplying the overall positivity rate from the samples (23.5%) by the population of New Delhi which is around 20,000,000 !

Also noted in the article is the number of clinically ill people with COVID19. The number of currently active cases of COVID19 stood at 15,288, and the overall total since the beginning of the epidemic is 123,747.

Clearly, if the study is to be believed, infection with the pandemic virus is usually benign and asymptomatic.

Addendum 23 July — People have been tested for antibodies to the pandemic virus just about everywhere now.  Amazingly, my home state of Massachusetts had tested some 60,000 souls for it by 18 June, but they won’t say how many had the antibodies ! ! That’s insane.  Would it destroy a narrative?

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  • John Wayne  On July 23, 2020 at 10:30 am

    Is it better for your long term health to get and clear the real viral infection or get the upcoming vaccination?

  • luysii  On July 23, 2020 at 10:40 am

    This totally depends on your age. For me (at age 82) it’s much better to wait for the vaccine. For the young’uns in the video its probably better to get and clear the infection. For people between 35 and 70, you’d have to look at the other numbers in the link —
    and act accordingly

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