An incredible way to look at the brain [ Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. vol. 115 pp. 6940 – 6945 ’18 ] demonstrates an incredible new way to visualize brain structures.  I don’t think the paper is behind a paywall, so follow the link and look at the movies.

The technique can be used on paraffin embedded brain.  Not to be tried at home unless you have a microCT with a liquid jet anode source, and a high resolution synchrotron instrument with special Xray waveguide optic.

No staining was involved, and they used electron contrast to show purkinje cells, granule cells, and the ramified dendritic tree of the Purkinje cells in a 1 cubic millimeter punch ‘biopsy’ of paraffin embedded cerebellum.

The moves are incredible, as unlike the standard CT or MRI, you can move a plane through the images (the movies show this), stop it at leisure.  Visualization of a plane moving through the material shows what the brain looks like in 3 d.  Then there are a few 3 d reconstructions (presented as 2 dimensional projective drawings we’re used to seeing), but even these can be moved around.

Words are inadequate.  Go to the link and look at the movies.  Let me know if you have trouble reaching it.

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