They want to be left alone with their own kind

From the statement of Hon. Thomas G. Abernethy, First District of Mississippi House of Representatitves on H. R. 140 before the House Committee of the Judiciary 1957 concerning HR 140 and other Civil Rights Legislation.

“Negroes naturally prefer the association and society of their own kind. .. They know the purpose of this legislation is not just to give them the vote, nor to give them better schools. They know that the ultimate and longtime objective of its sponsors is to force the Negroes and white people to mix in all the affairs of life. . . This the respectable negroes do not want. They want to be left alone with their own kind. . . Even in the small towns and villages they segretate themselves because they like it that way. It is the natural way of life; everything after its own kind.. . ”

Well, silly me. In 1960, there I was as a Princeton undergraduate picketing the local Woolworth’s on Nassau street because of their segregated southern lunch counters

Little did I know that advanced sociological thinking by blacks 57 years later would confirm Abernethy’s thoughts —

Rumor has it that the appropriately named Harvard Board of Overseers — — will further accommodate them by planting cotton and watermelons in Harvard yard so they can feel more at home ‘among their own kind’.

If you are concerned that I’m a bigot or anti-black in any way I suggest that you look at the following earlier post —

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  • tangent  On June 5, 2017 at 2:13 am

    Look, if you want to say “I don’t get what difference there could be between choosing a Black event, and having Jim Crow practices enforced by others” you could do that. A person could say that in good faith, trying to understand.

    But you blow all cover of good faith by choosing to go with a “cotton and watermelons” joke, and all pretence that you’re doing anything besides playing gotcha on those foolish liberals, and of course signaling how you’re not PC.

    Is this who you’re​ going to be? Because the interesting bits of science aren’t worth this.

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