The New York Times Parodies itself

I have a conservative friend who is becoming increasingly exercised by what he regards as the antiTrump bias of the Times. I’ve told him to calm down as the Times was turning into a parody of its former self. Today the NYT obliged by doing just that.

Here’s what so exercised my friend in today’s Times (19 Feb ’17). “For $200,000, a Chance to Whisper in Trump’s Ear”, Membership at Mar-a-Lago Gives Titans Easier Access to Political Power.” This appeared on the front page taking up the twomost right columns above the fold. All of page 13 inside is devoted to the article.

Here’s how the Times parodied itself “Around the World by Private Jet: Cultures in Transformation ” This took up the entire back page of the Style Section (New England Edition at Least) “Privately chartered Boeing 757 26 day/9 countries/50 travelers/$135,000” You will ride with 5 members of the Times staff (lilywhite) — Arthur O. Sulzberger Jr. Alan Riding, Nicholas Kristof, Elaine Sciolino and Elizabeth Bumiller. You will not have to share the air with the Times’ minority editorial contributors, Charles Blow (Black) and Ross Douhat (Conservative). They don’t appear to have a Latino.

Imagine the joy of access for the cut rate price of 135K (who said the Times didn’t care about the little man), while cruising at 35,000 feet exuding both virtue and carbon dioxide.

Here’s part of what my friend had to say about the article (unfortunately he doesn’t blog (he should ) so I can’t supply a link).

Back in the early 18th Century William Congreve wrote:

” Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned
Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned”

You would think he was talking about the venerable “Gray LADY”, aka New York Times. Indeed the paper has jettisoned any pretense of professional journalistic ethics – any pretense of journalism purpose. A week after the election, after flagrantly shilling for Clinton and smearing Trump in previous months, the editor of the Times issued in writing to the papers readers an apology of sorts by admitting the paper had lost its way and promised to return to reporting news. Evidently atonement to its readers is in the words not the performance. The Gray Lady is profoundly stunned by the rejection by most of the country of the paper’s vision of how the world should be.


Since the election the scorned and enraged Gray Lady has fill page after page , day after day , with disgrace as represented by the article below. The paper has flooded us with conjecture about things that have not happened and gossip of any sort that could denigrate and damage Trump.

The relentless attacks on Trump and his playing golf with dangerous cohorts etc is in marked contrast to how it suppressed any conjecture about Obama’s rise through the notoriously crooked Chicago political machine. Not a whisper of how he was dependent on other graduates of the Chicago cesspool, such as Axelrod and Jarrett. There was dismissal of Obama’s friendship with Ayers, a principal in a murderous urban terrorist group.

The august “paper of record” never conjectured how Obama could spent 20 years listening to Rev. Wright vicious racist rants and kept listening to them, but later said he hardly knew the man.

One final thought — could this be fake news, an ad bought by the Koch brothers to embarrass the Times. Possible, but unlikely.

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  • francini  On February 19, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    There’s a large difference between access to the high-flying navel-gazing society that is the main editorial staff of the NYT and (paid) access to the POTUS. The former is business as usual amongst such elites. The latter is a massive conflict of interest. The fact that Trump has not seen his way clear to separate himself from his business interests while President is just plain wrong.

  • luysii  On February 19, 2017 at 9:39 pm

    Well, he hasn’t rented out the Lincoln bedroom yet. The NYT is not without influence either.

  • tangent  On February 20, 2017 at 3:07 am

    Sigh. If we’re gonna do this here, can we up the critical game a little bit?

    Can you or your friend articulate what you find worst about the NYT’s Mar-a-Lago article?

    I’ll start: it was kind of a bunch of column inches, given that it ended up presenting a story that was “lots of Presidents schmooze and benefit powerful people, no real indications of anything past business as usual on that, but it is pretty unusual that he’s personally selling the appearance of access.”

    • luysii  On February 20, 2017 at 3:26 pm

      Tangent: Fair enough. While we disagree, I appreciate your comments.

      To me, the worst thing about the article is its placement, which represents what the NYT thinks is the most important facet of the Trump administration to present to its readers.

      Here are several possible alternatives

      l. The head of nuclear armed North Korea probably assassinated his brother and is threatening a nuclear strike on the West coast once his delivery vehicles achieve the desired range. How is the Trump administration dealing with this?

      2. The vice president of Venezuela has been declared a drug trafficker and his assets in this country seized. How does the Trump administration plan to deal with Venezuela. Are there credible threats to cease refining its oil (which Venezuela is unable to do)?

      3. The Trump administration has been pushing NATO countries to contribute the amount agreed on for their defense. What is there response? What will the Trump administration do if they don’t?

      All are serious issues, but apparently less to to the leadership of the NYT than Mar-a-Lago.

      I don’t recall Bill Clinton’s (aka Flem Snopes) rental of the Lincoln bedroom of the White House to the connected making the front page of the NYT.

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