Nothing exciting enough scientifically to post about this week, so enjoy this. “We have enough neurologists in the Air Force, please resign your commission as you will be assigned to the Army.” This was followed in May 1968 by an Army preference for assignment form so out of date, that if I extended my two year tour to four I could take my family with me to Vietnam. This at a time when we had 500,000 troops over there.

What to do? What I did was residency by day, and Scotch and Faulkner by night, while looking at my widow to be and two orphans to be.

If the world has you down, and if you think your life is hard, it’s time to read about Yoknapatawpha county, and life when it was really hard. It’s practically biblical. I’d start with “The Hamlet”, and continue through the trilogy. Well over half of Faulkner’s work takes place here, so the rest will make sense.

I don’t read novels anymore having seen far more of life as a doc than some pup half my age. Faulkner is different. It has the ring of truth.

He had eyes the color of stagnant water, and other such delights await you.

Trigger warning — the N word appears prominently. Even so after reading him, you’ll never be upset by microaggressions again.

Here’s how Faulkner introduces the place.

“The people .. came from the northeast, through the Tennessee mountains by stages marked by the bearing and raising of a generation of children. They came from the Atlantic seaboard and before that from England and the Scottish and Welsh Marches … They brought no slaves and no Phyfe and Chippendale highboys; indeed, what they did bring most of them could (and did) carry in their hands. They took up land and built one- and two-room cabins and never painted them, and married on another and produced children and added other rooms one by one to the original cabins and did not paint them either, but that was all. Their descendants still planted cotton in the bottom land and corn along the edge of the hills and in the secret coves in the hills made whiskey of the corn and sold what they did not drink. Federal officers went into the country and vanished. … County officers did not bother them at all save in the heel of election years. They supported their own churches and schools, they married committed infrequent adulteries and more frequent homicides among themselves and were their own courts, judges and executioners. They were Protestants and Democrats and prolific; there was not one Negro landowner in the entire section. Strange Negroes would absolutely refuse to pass through it after dark.”

Exactly the way I felt that September driving through Meridian Mississippi with Pennsylvania plates on my car on my way into the Air Force and I’m not Black.


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