The impeccable timing of the New York Times

After putting ex-Weatherman Bill Ayers on page 1 saying he wished he’d ‘bombed more’ the day of the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001, the New York Times kept its unenviable timing record intact by posting “Dreams of my Muslim Son” about Islamophobia on the editorial page the day of the Orlando massacre. Usually they run their invariable innocent Muslims fearing hate crimes by American rednecks story a day or so after the latest atrocity.

Unfortunately Orlando can’t be camouflaged as workplace violence or the response to some video or other a la Benghazi. The perp was far too explicit. Nor can it be blamed on the failure of ‘the MidEast Peace Process’ or Israel, although undoubtedly some will try.

If I were the Muslim leadership in this country, I’d try to put together a Million Muslim March on Washington to protest the Orlando, San Bernadino, Boston etc. etc. massacres, as blots on the name of Islam. ISIS would probably try to kill a few, but it’s time for them to stand up, assuming there are large numbers of US Muslims that actually think this way.

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  • tangent  On June 14, 2016 at 3:55 am

    “Assuming there are” large number of Muslim citizens who despise terrorism, because you’d like to express you’re not so sure of that? You file this under “be civil!”?

    So hey, how about a technical question about statistics. What is your favorite measure of effect size between highly skewed distributions? And what would you estimate as the effect size of the difference between U.S. Muslims and non-Muslims, in their propensity towards violence?

  • ETPhoneHome  On June 15, 2016 at 10:24 am

    tangent: Echoing Fermi’s quip on ET, “So where are they”? Why aren’t there large numbers of Muslims out on the streets protesting these killings, especially when Donald Trump is calling for Muslim bans? Why weren’t there large numbers during the other shootings? If I were a Muslim citizen I would be scared enough right now to take to the streets.

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