Newer isn’t better in web page display

Something bad has happened to the displays of the journals I read online (Nature, Science, Cell, Nature and PNAS). It’s also happened to this WordPress as it displays the blog. Suddenly it is no longer possible to expand what is shown horizontally. This is important (to me) as I’m slightly visually impaired, which requires enlarging text size for readability. Limiting horizontal expansion, while increasing text size means that there is less on each line. This makes reading more irritating than it needs to be.

For an example of where this still is not happening, see In the Pipeline by Derek Lowe.

Does anyone out there know of a workaround? I see the same problem in FireFox and Safari.

I’m going to write WordPress to see if they have any suggestions. Their help service is remarkable, friendly, fast and even more amazing — free

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  • Louis (@biochemistries)  On December 3, 2014 at 5:16 am

    I have the same problem – I wear glasses for distance but usually don’t need them for screens close up, reading large text is more a matter of preference/comfort).

    I personally set up ‘bookmarklets’ to rejig the CSS style of the page such that text when zoomed-in displays appropriately. I agree the journals should implement this in their design though.

    To do this rejigging [in Chrome] I press Cmd + C to select the appropriate HTML element, and change it’s width. It’s trial and error, but you can save the changed settings in a bookmarklet to inject the same CSS style in the same way another time. These are the ones I have at present in my bookmarklet folder, for PubMed, Nature and ScienceDirect:

    In Firefox/Safari use right click > ‘inspect element’ – there are video tutorials online.

    The technical term/buzzword for this is ‘responsive web design’ (I think), meaning that small screens and zoomed-in displays should rearrange their content appropriately.

  • Dave  On December 3, 2014 at 8:51 am

    Can this plugin work? The app is for taking web content and presenting it in a readable way. Maybe you can get it to work the way you like

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