Where is the hard-hitting investigative press ?

Hugo Chavez is a very sick man, something noted in previous posts — summarized in this post of 26 February ’12


Since that time he’s had to fly back and forth to Cuba for radiation therapy after his second surgery.  More to the point, he had to cancel an appearance 9 days ago (probably because he wasn’t doing well) missing a chance to confront President Obama.  Then, nothing from him except a few twitter posts. As expected, rumors flourished, so today he called a Venezuelan TV station saying that he was still alive.

All duly reported by Reuters, the BBC, the Associated press, The Telegraph (U. K).

Do you notice anything strange about this?

We’ve seen all sorts of pictures of him being greeted by Raul Castro as he gets off the plane to Cuba (and gets back on), pictures of him with Fidel, and probably video clips of him in Cuba (I wouldn’t know as I watch almost no television).

Don’t you think that at least one of these organs of supposedly investigative journalism could have asked why there is no picture of him?  Could it be that he doesn’t look as well as he has in the past?

24 April ’12 (5:30 PM EST) –At some point this afternoon a video of Hugo purporting to be filmed yesterday in Cuba was released to Venezuelan TV.  Perhaps this post or something like it triggered the release.  We still don’t know what he has, other than it’s some form of cancer, and whether it has spread from its site of origin.   He says he’ll be back to Venezuela in 2 days.

30 April 12 — The press  is finally starting to look a bit more closely at the news being released. There still has been no discussion of why he arrived back in Venezuela in the middle of the night, when no one is around to see what he looks like.  However, in today’s Bloomberg article about his request to go back to Cuba for ‘more treatment’, it was noted that, according to him, his 5 radiation treatments have been completed, so presumably he’s going back for something else (any area of the body can take only so much radiation).  Since getting back to Venezuela on the 26th, he’s remained out of sight, just emitting twitters and (I think) phonecalls now and then.

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  • Patrick  On April 25, 2012 at 1:20 am

    What’s your problem with Hugo?

    He’s sick, yes. A sick hero. Anyone who so publicly tells Uncle Sam where to shove it is a hero.

    Your chemistry writing is entertaining. When you stray into bitch territory, not so.

  • luysii  On April 25, 2012 at 7:48 am

    The problem is that everything he has put out so far is very misleading about just how sick he is. Recall that he declared that he was cured last October, a statement no oncologist would ever make. The evidence we have been permitted to see says otherwise. I regard these posts as similar to the way In The Pipeline dissects papers (see http://pipeline.corante.com/archives/2012/04/18/buckyballs_prolong_life_really.php)

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