Who’s going in to science these days?

I audited a few math courses at an elite coed institution several years ago.  They’re nice enough to let anyone in the area get a library card, to check out books.  The librarian explained this  to me as ‘giving back to the community’.  Pretty damn nice ! They have an elegant science library, just as spiffy as the elite woman’s institution where I audited a quantum mechanics course 2 years ago.

Both libs have a separate shelf for new books they’ve added.  This effectively lets the faculty run intellectual interference for me, choosing the books for purchase they think significant.

I was at the coed school a few days ago, checking  out the new books and saw an undergraduate publication put out by their science majors.  The production values of the magazine were better than most things you find at a news stand, probably up to the level of the National Geographic, or Art News Annual — I did say this was an elite institution.

Here are the last names of the Editors, Feature contributors, and  people writing Letters to the editor in the student publication:

Bae,  Dixit, Ng, Holinger, Joshi, Kang, Li, Li, Lobrano, Mateo, Rasmussen, Roh, Savage, Kim, Liang, Silver, Nisesn-Blank.

I’d guess that the general student body of this school is no less than 70% Caucasian.  More to the point, just about all 0f the non-Caucasians in the 2 classes I did audit were typical American kids.

I’m far from thinking the above name distribution is in anyway bad, but it’s striking nonetheless.  Any comments?

For a related post on the relative absence of Blacks in the Science building at the girls school see  — https://luysii.wordpress.com/2009/11/23/spin-hair-race-and-schrodingers-cat/

Any comments?

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