Do imploding baseball teams kill people? + some stock tips

A front page article in the New York Times today brought it all back.  It was 47 years ago right abut now.  I was a callow third year medical student in Philly, entering the medical wards for the first time. The Phillies were in the middle of a collosal slump and would be knocked out the race on the final day.  Of course we didn’t know that,  but each day, the hapless Phillies would find a new and creative way to lose (just as the Red Sox and the Atlanta Braves are doing presently).  Each day, a patient would say — ‘Doc, I don’t think I can stand to see them lose another game’.  The next day they were gone.

It would be of interest to plot mortality figures for the Boston Hospitals on the day of and day after the Sox lose another one, vs. the few days  and days after when they manage to win.  Maybe just this September vs. the years they won the series.  Who knows?

Stock tips:  It’s been two disastrous weeks on Wall Street.  Amazingly, I did quite well.  You can short the euro, by buying EUO — I did.  You need to watch it like a hawk however.  I’m no longer in it.  In the past two weeks it’s been deja vu all over again, with various pronouncements by figures of authority that everything was under control (just like 2007 – 2008).   In particular, the fact that the US was pumping dollars over there for the European banks, caused EUO to swoon (it’s a double short on the euro).  I saw this as a sign of just how bad things were, and bought EUO at a low.  I think the financial situation over there is like the Roach Hotel — there are far more to be found than we presently know about.  So I may get back in again.

Another stock tip is Mead Johnson — symbol MJN  (which I own, but not as much as I owned after buying some more this AM).  Why?  It bumped from 70 to 75 recently, because Nestle (a Swiss firm) might buy it.  With the strong Swiss Franc  and a swooning market, the cagy Swiss will probably wait to pick MJN up on the cheap.  Even the intraday moves are nice to play – look at today.

The last is MG — Mistras — which has also held up well during the recent debacle.  Such stocks usually lead any rally.  I own some.

The advice may even be more than what you are paying for it.

Now back to reading about Manifolds (I recommend John M. Lee’s two books) and Anslyn and Dougherty.

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  • luysiil  On September 29, 2011 at 7:58 am

    The sox and braves accomplished the nearly impossible last night. Look for an epidemic of post traumatic stress disorder in Boston and Atlanta. I do think hospital mortality figures in the two cities over the next few days should be studied and compared with happier years.

    Stock tips: I decided on Tuesday that I’d made enough money for the year and sold everything. So of course, MJN and MG plummeted on Wednesday (usually it’s the other way around). I still think the Euro is a good short, but not yet.

    As my late father in law said (who graduated from Columbia in business in 1929) — only put money you can afford to lose into the market. His Wall Street experience only lasted to October ’29. He and my mother in law spent most of their careers working for the SEC. They had to marry in secret as husbands and wives were NOT allowed to work for the government as jobs were so tight and my mother in law was supporting her mother and younger sibs back in Minneapolis.

    Although no one likes the current unemployment figures of 9%, back then very few women worked outside the home, and male unemployment approached 25% in the depths of the depression — so it would be 50% today.

    Even so, during the boom years of the 90’s, a 95 year old woman living in Brooklyn told me she thought people were happier in the depression.

  • steve ceoa  On October 13, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Well then Cubs fans must all be very ill about June or July each year for 104 years.

  • luysii  On October 13, 2011 at 9:58 am

    Nah, they’re used to it. It’s the unexpectedness of the implosion that’s so stressful. Proverbs 16:18 “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”

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