Up until last August, when I started Chemiotics II using WordPress.Com, all I needed to do in order to blog was just write.  Paul Bracher gave me a spot on the late (and lamented) ChemBark, then Stuart Cantrill asked me to post on the Skeptical Chymist (where the posts can still be found under Chemiotics). Their sites did all the heavy lifting. makes it very easy to get a blog up and running, but after 67 posts it becomes very hard to find anything.  So it’s time to categorize things.  I recomment “WordPress in Depth” by Smith and McAllister, if you want to do a bit more than just post.  I read just enough (about 100+ pages) to find out how to set up categories.  

Of course I immediately ignored their advice.  Many of the posts are listed in multiple categories, which they say not to do.  But such posts are the most interesting (to me).   “How fast is your biological clock ticking, We’ll know soon” certainly involves molecular biology, but it’s medical as well, and certainly a social issue as people wonder how long they can put off having (hopefully normal) children for one reason or another.

The theme I’m using alphabetizes the categories, and once you look inside a category  you’ll see the latest post first (not so good for some sequential posts where it’s best if you start at the first one).

Here they are — some are self-explanatory

1. Chemistry (relatively pure) — actually not –most of them also fall under other categories.

2. Clayden’s Book — all about the fabulous Organic chemistry text book by Clayden, Greeves, Warren and Wothers.   6 posts presently.  The posts contain comments, questions and pointers to possible errors.  The titles tell you which pages are discussed.  One organic chemist was kind enough to answer some of them.  I plan to interpolate answers to my questions (there are plenty) at the appropriate site in each post.  I’m presently reading Ch. 32 in the low 800s (less than 700 to go).

3. Climate — to big a topic to ignore for anyone with a scientific background.  Please be civil.  For some it has turned into a secular religion.  There’s a lot left to learn and shouting won’t help.

4. Linear Algebra Survival Guide for Quantum mechanics — start with the first post.  Hopefully it will make things clearer.

5. Math

6. Medicine in general — neurology and psychiatry (my specialty) have a separate category.  Nearly all of this stuff has a social dimension. 

7. Molecular biology — impossible to really understand without a solid grounding in chemistry (which most of the readership probably has).  Chemistry is interesting enough by itself, but it really takes off when you try to use it to figure out what’s going on inside our cells.

8. Music

9. Neurology and Psychiatry

10. Philosophic issues raised:  things like “can you bring an object into existence by naming it”.  Docs and shrinks do it all the time.  One of the posts concerns the new DSM.

11. Pre-meds need to be able to take and pass organic chemistry — my views on the subject.  There are others.

12. Quantum mechanics — musings on the subject distinct from #4, mostly based on an excellent course I audited last fall. 

13. Social issues — again be civil.  No polemics will be found here (by me).  You’ll see things like why didn’t I see many Blacks in the science building of the elite woman’s college mentioned in #12 (even though they make up 7% of the student body).

14. The cell and its nucleus on a human scale — a series (not complete yet)  — 5 posts so far.  Start at the first.

15. Theological implications — none made explicit, but the more we know about molecular biology, the more miraculous our existence becomes.  Accepting that it all arose by chance requires a leap of faith matching anything in Genesis.  Look at the posts in #14 if you need some convincing.  

16. What this blog is about  (a hopefully non-egotistical introduction)

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